Deck & Engine

Ship Chandler Murmansk is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of deck and engine stores, ensuring that your vessel remains well-equipped and operational throughout its voyages. We understand the critical importance of reliable supplies for maintaining and servicing various aspects of your ship, and our extensive inventory caters to diverse maintenance and operational needs.

Ropes and Rigging: We offer a wide selection of ropes, hawsers, and rigging equipment necessary for securing cargo, mooring, and general ship operations. Our ropes are manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability in challenging maritime conditions.

Paints and Coatings: Ship Chandler Murmansk provides a range of paints, coatings, and primers to protect and maintain the integrity of your vessel's exterior and interior surfaces. Our selection includes marine-grade paints suitable for different applications, such as anti-corrosion coatings, antifouling paints, and decorative finishes.


Lubricants and Greases: We stock a variety of lubricants, oils, and greases required for the efficient operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment on board. Our inventory includes engine oils, hydraulic fluids, gear lubricants, and specialty greases from reputable brands, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your ship's components.

Filters: Ship Chandler Murmansk offers a range of filters, including air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, and water filters. These essential components help maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of your ship's engines and systems, preventing damage and ensuring smooth operation.

Spare Parts: We understand the criticality of having readily available spare parts for timely repairs and maintenance. Our deck and engine stores include a comprehensive selection of spare parts for various systems and equipment, including pumps, valves, motors, and electrical components.

Safety Equipment: Ship Chandler Murmansk also provides a range of safety equipment for deck and engine operations. This includes personal protective equipment (PPE), such as safety harnesses, helmets, gloves, and safety shoes, as well as safety tools and devices, fire-fighting equipment, and emergency signaling devices.


Our deck and engine stores are carefully sourced from reputable manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring the highest quality standards. Ship Chandler Murmansk is committed to providing reliable and genuine products that meet industry regulations and standards.

Contact Ship Chandler Murmansk today to explore our comprehensive deck and engine stores selection and experience our commitment to excellence in meeting your ship chandelling needs.